Building the the content you deserve to see with no regard for what you want. You will love it.

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Under Development by Absurdities Media LLC

Absurdities Media is a digital publishing collective, all the content that's fit to digitize.

Absuridites Media is based on an idea. To catch your attention, and dig our claws into your eyes so you can never look away.

our services; Explained


We can help you with a number of digital publishing tasks, from putting up a website, to lauching an ad campaign or building a social media presence. We bill hourly for consultation, and we have many side projects local to the Holland, MI and Southwest Florida areas for you to peruse (coming soon).

Building a Media Empire:

Our goal is to create a massive amount of original content. If you have an idea, but don't know what to do with it. Contact us, if we like what you have to offer maybe you will be a good fit for our cooperative.

Products and Services:

Our members are artists of all varieties from musicians to online sex workers, to traditional artists. If what you've got to share strikes our fancy, we want to collaborate with you. It never got weird enough for us.

Fuck you Elon:

None of us were born with a silver spoon up our ass, but we'll cook a shot in one and send that motherfucker home.